About the Founder

J.L. Menefee II is the founder of Pen Pointe Foundation Inc., a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization whose primary focus is to mentor young teens and adults on making positive life choices and financial responsibility decisions. Mr. Menefee began his mentoring career in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX in 1992 with Ready Set Read.

His background includes being a mentor for Project Destiny, Heaven Sent, Ready Set Read & Show Me the Way Foundation. Through his errors and transgressions that he has made in his life Mr. Menefee has chosen to give back to teens and young adults by mentoring them about financial responsibility, credit stability and life choices.

Mr. Menefee is a firm believer of leaving your past problems behind, quoting, “You are the Architect of your Fortunes and Misfortunes” assuming your own responsibility and accepting no excuses for your own transgressions while having a zero tolerance for excuses and also sharing his other quote, “You Shall Live by What You Stand For”.

Mr. Menefee has been featured in several magazine publications including Atlanta Business Journal, Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, as well as several other local newspaper articles.

He is the proud father of one daughter and a brother of five siblings who was raised by a single mother in the projects of Houston TX being an at risk youth himself he decided to leave Houston and move to Atlanta, GA in 1991 to begin his journey in becoming an established business man and giving back the community.

Education: Certificates in Real Estate, Math, Real Estate Law and Real Estate Contracts – Houston Community College; Certificates in Real Estate Sales and Mortgage Brokerage, Financing, Century 21; Certification in Auto Finance License; Diversified Financial Institution.; Studied Securities at Kaplan Financial and is a member of CCIM and studied commercial underwriting and more.

Mentor (Mentoring from Houston TX)

Jesse R. Hill Jr AKA Roger Rabbit, was born on June 1, 1970 in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr Hill is the youngest of four Children His mother was a single parent and moved all her children to Houston, Texas in 1975. They resided in Villa Americana Apartments on 5901 Selinsky Known as the VA. By the time Mr Hill turned 14 years old his life had took a turn for the worst. He came from being a boy scouts as well as playing in the school band to becoming a hardcore dope boy in the streets of south park, and those same street that sent Mr Hill to prison for the past 26 years of his life. It was there(in prison) that Mr Hill realized that he wanted and needed to do more with his life. he started to take out more time dealing with the younger guys that were in prison with time, and ended up becoming a mentor to a large number of the guys there. As well as some of the prison staff. Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Linda and Ms Angie became very good friends with Mr. Hill around the time he was coming back up for people for the 4th time.

They teamed up with Mr Hill family and friends to send support letters to the parole board on Mr Hill behalf. Mr. Hill was released from a Texas prison on Aug 29,18 with his mind focused on doing more by trying to help young men make better decisions with the choices they make in life. Mr Hill feels that coming from the same background as a lot of young men out here today, he has a better chance at reaching out to them because he has been through it all as well. With all his life experiences he can feel their anger and pain more than someone who has never been in the streets Only through ‘God’ Mr Hill says he is reformed.

Education: He has received his G.E.D as well as come college credits while incarcerated. He has also received a number of certificates for different programs he has completed.