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Our programs  and events include but not limited to the following:

Upcoming Events

Pen Pointe Foundation


Scotch, Cigars & Investments

Date: March 1, 2024

Pen Pointe Foundation Presents its Scotch, Cigars & Investments, Featuring PCONN Ride Share App Investment Opportunity

Pen Pointe Foundation


Annual Mentorship Feasting Event

Date: August 24, 2024

Pen Pointe Foundation Presents its 2nd Annual Mentorship Feasting Event

Building A Business For Our Young Adults

The BABFOYA (Building A Business for Our Young Adults) program is a 8-week program where Pen Pointe Foundation mentor’s teens and young adults on financial responsibility and life choices and helps them prepare a business plan for the business that the group chooses to open. Inside the 8-week program we teach the importance of money management, check book balancing, opening up a bank account, starting a business, filing the proper articles for a corporation or LLC, drinking and texting while driving, raising a family and its values, the consequences of one’s transgression and the cost of trouble that’s easy to get in but hard to get out of. 

ISTB (InSide The Business)

The ISTB (In Side The Business) Program is developed to offer assistance to small business owners by assisting them in getting properly formed with a LLC, LLP or Incorporation and obtain an E.I.N and D&B number, preparing a business plan for their company that will enable them to qualify for a small business loan which will provide marketing and working capital, help develop a strategic marketing plan to attract more business to the company, locate an office space and negotiate or renegotiate their lease space. Pen Pointe Foundation also assists within construction build out, remodeling, redevelopment, planning and zoning and business licensee’s permits.


The IRE (Inmate Re-Entry) Program is developed to aid convicted felons, parolees and probationers and all other incarcerated men and women adjust back into society, create, assist and find employment or help establish a business for the individual.

We aim daily to help stop jail and prison recidivism repeat itself by providing programs that consist of mentoring, job placement, business development, life skills, CUM (Choices You Make) management and education.

The IRE program assists any of its participants that has been a part of the classes or mentoring programs with obtaining their driver’s license or state issue id if needed by paying and providing transportation to the DMV that’s close to their residence.

Pen Pointe Foundation is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization that has partnered up with a commercial real-estate firm, several bank institutions, tax and accountant firms, commercial and residential lenders, construction companies, urban development groups, business proposal preparer’s, film industry companies and courier/transportation companies that will enable the foundation to perform all of its program obligations to all participants of the IRE program to help re-adjust back into society. 


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