BABFOYA (Building A Business For Our Young Adults)

Our BABFOYA program teaches teens and young adults financial responsibility. This is an 8-week program that gives participants the opportunity to open up a selected group business.

The BABFOYA (Building A Business for Our Young Adults) program is a 8-week program where Pen Pointe Foundation mentor’s teens and young adults on financial responsibility and life choices and helps them prepare a business plan for the business that the group chooses to open. Inside the 8-week program we teach the importance of money management, check book balancing, opening up a bank account, starting a business, filing the proper articles for a corporation or LLC, drinking and texting while driving, raising a family and its values, the consequences of one’s transgression and the cost of trouble that’s easy to get in but hard to get out of. To the participants in the class that needs a driver’s license and or want to learn how to drive, Pen Pointe will sponsor them and pay all fees due with the exception of them having to take a DUI and a victim impact panel class, given to 2 of our participating teen who can produce documents showing enrollment of 6 hours of college credit hours in a Community or University college $500.00 towards a down payment on their first car and we will also sponsor each member of the of the chosen company and give them each a $100.00 to open up a banking account with one of Pen Pointe Foundation bank institute sponsors. At the end of the 8-week program we will host several fund raiser events to raise money to open up the business for the group and business plan that was prepared to open up the business in the group name only and taking the proceeds from the fund raiser and opening up a business account for their business.

The BABFOYA program was developed to help our teens and young adults to help them build a business and understand financial and family values which are needed in their generation today as it enables them to become financially stable and more family structured. Pen Pointe Foundation is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) that has partnered up with a DUI school, a commercial real-estate firm, a dealership and several bank institutions that will enable the foundation to perform all of its program obligations to our teens and young adults.


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