ISTB (InSide The Business)

Our ISTB program offers assistance to small business owners in getting them a business loan. We also offer business plans and business summaries for entrepreneurs to help create a strategy for development and growth.

The ISTB (In Side The Business) Program is developed to offer assistance to small business owners by assisting them in getting properly formed with a LLC, LLP or Incorporation and obtain an E.I.N and D&B number, preparing a business plan for their company that will enable them to qualify for a small business loan which will provide marketing and working capital, help develop a strategic marketing plan to attract more business to the company, locate an office space and negotiate or renegotiate their lease space. Pen Pointe Foundation also assists within construction build out, remodeling, redevelopment, planning and zoning and business licensee’s permits.

The ISTB program allows any small business rather a start up or pre-existing to qualify for assistant from the program unless a company’s annual gross sales has exceeded 5 million dollars in annual sales.

Pen Pointe Foundation is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization that has partnered up with a commercial real-estate firm, several bank institutions, tax and accountant firms, commercial lenders, construction companies, urban development groups, business proposal preparer’s and professional grant writers that will enable the foundation to perform all of its program obligations to our small business owners.


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