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I’m needed for everyone’s future and sought by every Ruler, King and President
For those who neglect me, typically encounter their trouble, fears and snares that
has no relent;
Treasured by winners as they seek day by day to inherit me
Yet profoundly ignored by losers whose eyes or engulfed with dust preventing
them to clearly see;
Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding has always stood by my side and are
very good friends of mine
Over surety, pride and arrogance are considered my enemy as our feelings is
contrary while they disrespect the changing time;
Envy against me as she settles herself in the eyes that often despise
Blaming all others for their failure when hardship and poverty enters as one lie’s
in awe, yet too late to realize;
Nothing intriguing about my integral useful calculation
Intellectually staying aware with the surroundings through observation;
I’m shown and instilled in one as a child
Success, wealth and stability will travel through the “genes”, strengthen the
bloodline and proof you from genocide;
Control triumphs as it continually follows my path
Yet intricate to those who often neglect wisdom until they have felt the wrath;
Many wars have been won, wealth has been gained and rulership sustained from
use of me in proven demonstration
As I disclose my name I advise you to establish me throughout your future for I am


By: JL Menefee
Pen Pointe Foundation

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